Description of Classes

Ann Marie teaches one public class (see schedule). This class is open to everyone.

Come and enjoy a yoga class which combines gentle, Hatha yoga and Christian scripture, music, prayer and meditation.

The yoga poses emphasize stretching and breathing.  As a result, everyone can participate. People who are already quite fit will find that the stretching helps with their other activities whether it be running, walking, swimming, gardening, cycling, golfing, etc. People who have challenges due to injuries, illnesses or surgeries or suffer from balance, flexibility, strength, energy or other issues are shown ways to modify the poses. Everyone is taught to listen to their own body and only do what is comfortable for their personal body. This strategy is very therapeutic and promotes healing and renewal.

Through the Christian component of the class, you will enjoy God’s wonderful peace.  Each meditation is about God’s beautiful world such as lakes, loons, mountains, the sky, meadows, rainbows, wildflowers, waterfalls, beaches and waterlilies.

Please join us. You will leave feeling uplifted and renewed.

Ann Marie also teaches yoga classes for businesses and organizations upon request.  Please contact her for further information.